Home Phone (VoIP)


No Contracts

We don't think your home services should have any strings attached. With first rate customer service, great packages and fair pricing, contracts just aren't needed


VoIP Based

Voice over IP (VoIP) means the internet is used to provide this service. By using this method you get cheaper rates


Great International Rates

Need to call abroad? Save money with budget-friendly rates

Alltec does not offer Home Phone (VoIP) Packages directly. Our purpose is to help you save money each month on home services. You get the best price available while we benefit from referrals, which is why our consultations are completely free!

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Home Phone Packages

ON - AB - BC - NS


Unlimited Canada

ON - AB - BC - NS


Unlimited Canada/US

*Includes Advanced Voicemail, Message Waiting Indication, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Find me/Follow me, Speed Dialing