Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we do it?

The opportunity to restore honesty and transparency in the professional tech industry while helping Canadians save money on vital tech services was too great to ignore. We love what we do!

Alltec does not offer Home Service Packages directly. Our purpose is to help you save money each month. You get the best price available while we benefit from referrals, which means we don’t charge you anything at all.

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Over 15 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry, as well as various professional IT fields, mixed with a strong passion for all things technology is how Alltec Solutions was born. From Sales, Customer Service, Tech Support and even managing our very own ISP in the past, we have first-hand experience every step of the way. We know how to help you find exactly what you need and will take the time to help you get comfortable making the final decision. After all, we are customers too.

Telecom experts will find you the best pricing on your home services. They can tell you what you should be paying as you are more than likely overpaying for your current services. They can create comparisons among different providers to bring you the most cost-effective solution. It may seem easier to stick with an existing provider, but in the long run, it is best to have a solution that meets all your needs. The best part is that this service is completely free to use.

The simple answer is greed. The CRTC mandated that the large ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have to provide their infrastructure for resale to smaller ISPs at wholesale prices. This means that you are getting the same reliable service you already know but at a better price, with top-tier customer service and no contracts.

  • FTTN, also known as Fibe, is fiber to the node, which uses optical fiber (fiber-optics) to connect to a neighborhood box which then connects to your home through copper phone lines.
  • DSL is transmitted through external and internal phone lines. Typical speeds reach up to 7MBps download and 1MBps upload.
  • Cable is transmitted to your home through TV cable. While cable speeds are typically greater than DSL, speeds can diminish during high-usage hours as more users connect to the network in your neighborhood.