Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we do it?

The opportunity to restore honesty and transparency in the professional tech industry while helping Canadians save money on vital tech services was too great to ignore. We love what we do!

Alltec was founded on the basic principles of putting honesty and transparency above all else. By following these 2 simple rules, we ensure that every customer, employee and partner are treated fairly at every step. Alltec isn’t your average Computer Repair and IT Service Provider. We are building a foundation that aims to expand across Canada through collaboration with existing technicians that also uphold the same values we are built on. Think of us as a broker for technicians. Through this approach, we are providing customers a one stop solution for their tech needs all while ensuring they get the best experience from an Alltec trusted independent technician. Our ever-growing team of technicians allow us to consistently stay ahead of the constant changes in the tech world by sharing ideas and improving all of our skills together. We only recruit techs with the highest levels of integrity so you don’t need to worry about getting the help you need. Alltec is redefining what it means to be a professional technician.

As Technician Brokers, Alltec ensures you are getting the right person for the job. Using our vast experience as technicians, we use our added customer experience focus to find technicians all over Canada that deserve to be represented for their own high quality work as independent techs. We only promote technicians that abide by our values which represent the entirety of our founded Honest Tech Alliance.

We do not sell hardware or products for a few reasons. When it comes to technology, options and pricing changes much too rapidly for us to ensure we are offering the right solution at a fair price with every customer interaction. We can’t compete with the retail giants so we focus on providing top-notch professional IT services instead. With our process, we recommend the best options for hardware and where you can find the most competitive pricing. You save more when dealing with Alltec Solutions!

  • FTTN, also known as Fibe, is fiber to the node, which uses optical fiber (fiber-optics) to connect to a neighborhood box which then connects to your home through copper phone lines.
  • DSL is transmitted through external and internal phone lines. Typical speeds reach up to 7MBps download and 1MBps upload.
  • Cable is transmitted to your home through TV cable. While cable speeds are typically greater than DSL, speeds can diminish during high-usage hours as more users connect to the network in your neighborhood.